workshop @ cept university

Maps As Stories: Walking Towards a Collective Narrative

Summer Winter Workshop
CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

The workshop urged the students to reflect and investigate the nature of each sense. In other words, they were asked to look at the questions of how different the world would seem if it were entered through a sense of the sound (soundscapes), through the sense of smell (smellscapes) and a sense of touch ( touchscapes)? How would the visual representation of each of these senses translate into? What was the nature of sound or smell or touch, that would create maps that were not mere extensions of the visual maps that prevail? One of the elements specific to sound, and smell, was the aspect of ‘lingerings’. The boundaries of sound and smell are, to that extent, much more porous and fluid than those of sight or touch. The students were asked to investigate how the fluidity of boundaries of specific senses would affect the ways in which their sites and buildings were comprehended, and the ways in which these would need to be incorporated into their modes of visual languages or mapping.