Reveal: Site-Specific Theatre @ DAVA

“Refresh”, Workshops Nov 27-30, 2017, 4-6pm: devising short, site-specific theatre works through inhabiting the DAVA building. In collaboration with Mare Travethan and the Local Theatre Company, Boulder CO.

“Reveal”, performances devised by middle-schoolers. 
Nov 30th (Thursday) at 6.00pm.
Venue: 1405, N Florence St, Aurora CO 80010.

The report on the workshop can be read here.

Architecture and theatre collaborate to inhabit the built environment creatively, to reveal its character, potentials and joys otherwise hidden due to habitual use and familiarity. Refresh works through 2-day to a week-long workshops which result in performances; both of which are sited within community institutions, providing an embededness to the project and visibility to the organizations. The workshops will be open to all, and will seek ensembles made up of the community, architecture students and professionals, and people working in the theatre. The participants will work together to create a performance, on a theme of their choice, by making use of, and seeking inspiration from, architectural spaces and media including photos, objects, songs, news articles, maps, letters, poems, creative writings, movements. Through the workshops, the participants will become creative performers who will create, edit, design and perform a short piece of original site-specific theatre work. The intent of the workshops is to discover and activate built environments, thereby cultivating a sense of collective inheritance (patrimony) within communities.