Untitled Art Show Studio

@ Museum of Outdoor Arts
Englewood CO [USA]

Location: Museum of outdoor Arts, Englewood CO (USA)

Status: Built

Client: Erik Isaac

Type: Cultural

Size: 300sft


The design for the Untitled Art Show Studio fuses a cimpact plan with an expressive surface that cloaks the walls, floors and ceiling to create a distinctive object that is perceived to be inserted into the existing space of the Museum of Qutdoor Arts. The storefront facing the existing conference room is a frameless plane of glass, recessed into the existing floor and ceiling planes to diminish the sense of boundary, and the new “inserted” object setback from this storefront by 16 to allow the studio appear to extend into the conferecne room.

The attention of the guests of the show, and visitors during the day to the conference room is drawn immediately to the studio space-object. Drawing inspirations from both, the structure of an artists canvas, as well as that of the face of an audio speaker, the surfaces of the studio space is made of panels of fabric wrapped frames, mounted into place. The deep red color, meanwhile, is selected, to allude to the theatre of the conversations that take place each week. The surface performs various functions: as definition, as acoustic damper, as visual seduction. The 1/2″ continuous horizontal reveals induces a gentle horizontal vertigo, which seen through the glass storefront, serves as a visual attractor from the conference room. The vitality of the architectural surface and color becomes the studio’s advertisement.

Project Team:
Architect: shubhra raje_built environments
Builders: Schuyler Madden, Erik Isaac, Mike Keene
Photography: Shubhra Raje & Erik Isaac