Panchshil Academy K-12

Pune [India]

Location: Pune [India]

Status: Unbuilt

Client: Panchshil Developers

Type: Educational

Size: Site – 7 acres / Built – 224,500 sft

School buildings are often opaque. We are instead envisioning a transformative urban learning environment in which a new emphasis is placed on connectivity, vibrancy and interaction.

We have split the building mass into three bars, with bridges connecting them. The three buildings are grouped around a courtyard/ quadrangle that creates a new social zone. This quadrangle serves as the focus of the campus and besides providing opportunities for interaction, recreation and assembly also serves as a moderator of the microclimate. Pathways between the bars channel air flow and natural light and enhances circulation among the buildings around the vegetated plaza. By occupying and extending the landscape, and lifting the building up within it, we have continued landscape-to-building relationships in a new and modern way.

The effort architecturally is to achieve a porous structure by prioritizing abundant light, airflow and visual connections, and incorporating gathering places within an atmosphere of openness. The north and south classroom bars rise from a loggia at ground level that provide shaded, informal meeting areas amongst tapered concrete columns that are evocative of the treescape. Sunken courtyards between the buildings allow sunlight to flow into new below-ground activity spaces. The buildings and landscape promote the active use of exterior spaces, encouraging interaction among students with places to converge and outdoor circulation that leads to chance encounters.

Entrances are designed to draw people into the building. They are designed to act as porticos that offer a visual connection to the courtyard within, leading the visitor towards the heart of the campus. Vertical circulation is scaled and positioned to further create extensions of social spaces from the central courtyard into the built fabric. The articulated pre-cast facades around the plaza visually ties the composition from within.

Project Team:

Architect: shubhra raje_built environments
Educational Planners: Aditya EDU