Office for Antardisha

Ahmedabad [India]

Location: Ahmedabad [India]

Status: Built

Client: Dr. India J Parikh, Ahmedabad

Type: Commercial

Size: 600 sft

The principal partition underscores a spatial clarity between the privacy of the main office from the more public lobby & the open workspace used by an assistant. Clear glazing with bamboo chick-screens however blurs the harshness of the separation, allowing extensions and interactions between the various functions as well as allowing daylight to permeate the entire interior. The wood insert anchors the heart of the office, and holds within itself Dr. Parikh’s space, and ties together a table, a window to the lobby, and a door to the service areas into one singular element. The wood floor is a continuous surface that ties all the elements together, while providing warmth.

To enhance the sense of spaciousness, and providing a sense of intimacy, the perimeter walls are thickened to hold within it the requirements of various types of storage (books, files, paper etc), as well as creating opportunities for seating, niches for artwork and surfaces for plants, task-lights, mementos, etc.

Project Team:
Architect: shubhra raje_built environments
Architectural Team: Shubhra Raje, Faizal Mansuri
Contractor: Neel R Chaudhari, Ahmedabad
Photography: Suleiman Merchant Photography, Mumbai