KVD Forum 2017 Panelist & Lecture

Shubhra has been selected as a panelist at the Kurula Varkey Design Forum 2017, August 12-14.

Her lecture, as part of the Forum’s De.Talks series can be found here.

From the forum website: ” The K V Design Forum is an event hosted by the students of the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University in which projects of students from various schools of architecture are presented and discussed. Since its establishment in 2001, the Forum has become a platform for critical discourse on architecture and architectural education. It is a platform for students to interact directly with a panel comprising of members of the architecture and design community. The Forum is not a jury or a competition. It is a platform to understand and identify, through dialogue, the diverse directions emerging in the architectural profession, and to reflect upon the varied streams of thought emerging amongst the student community.

Further information about the forum can be found here.